The Joint Universities Preliminary Examinations Board (JUPEB) is a national examination body approved by the Federal Government of Nigeria in December 2013. It was formally established in April 2014 by a consortium of ten (10) partnering universities led by the University of Lagos.

The board has the responsibility of conducting common and standard examinations for the candidates, who have been exposed to a minimum of one-year approved courses in the different Universities’ Foundation and/or Diploma Programmes and are seeking Direct Entry admissions into University courses at the 200 Level in Nigerian and partnering foreign universities.

The first of such examinations were conducted in August 2014 and successful candidates were admitted into 200 Level by JAMB based on recommendations from the universities. With effect from 2015, JUPEB Examinations will hold in June annually. JUPEB is an advanced level educational Examination that qualifies its candidate for admission into 200Level any Nigeria and Foreign Universities through Direct Entry. Most candidates who failed either in JAMB or POST-UTME in the past always go through this program and the majority of them gain admission into 200level and meet their colleagues at 200 level. The good news is that a lot of people are entering into the university via JUPEB program directly into 200 level because of its relevance.

JUPEB will allow you to choose three courses/subjects that are related to what you want to study at the university of your choice. The program lasts for nine (9) months divided into two semesters. During this period, students are exposed to intensive lectures from Mondays to Friday every week and a weekly Continuous Assessment.

JUPEB at inception had two basic functions: to provide social services and educational opportunities to people of the NIGERIA in every region of the country. Now though, it has grown to encompass the whole country providing the best pathway to university education in the country.

Since the beginning, JUPEB has been moderated and coordinated by one of Nigeria’s premier tertiary universities, the UNIVERSITY OF LAGOS, UNILAG. The program also has coordinating bodies in various tertiary institutions around the country. To make it accessible to as many Nigerians as possible, there are accredited JUPEB centers across the country of which JUPEBPORTAL.COM is one of the foremost.


<span style=”color:white;”> The program is open to all Nigerians with the requisite ‘O’ Level qualifications. Candidates who are also awaiting their ‘O’ Level result are eligible to apply for the program. </span>


<span style=”color:white;”>

• 8 passports
• Ordinary Level result (O’level result)
• Awaiting O’level result is also acceptable
• And your time ( JUPEB is a full-time program, and no you cannot write the Exam alone without attending lectures
• Inform your parents as they must give their blessings
• WAEC, NECO, GCE, NABTEB are accepted into the program

• Maximum of two sittings with 5 credits
• Medicine students should be aware that most universities will not accept two sittings for Medicine and Surgery at the university. </span>


<span style=”color:white;”> • You do not need a written letter from your parents, their awareness and blessings are enough and of course be able to sponsor you
• You do not need state of origin certificate (You need it when you want to gain admission into the university
• You do not need your pastor/Iman approval
• You do not need JAMB score
• You do not need Post UTME Score



It is now clear that the JUPEB pathway is the best alternative to getting admission to Nigerian universities outside of the JAMB-organized UTME. With JUPEB, candidates are placed in a highly organized and structured environment to aid them to excel in the JUPEB examination. Apart from that, going through JUPEB in an accredited study center like JUPEBSCHOOL.COM ensures that candidates are given a peep into how lectures and studies are done in a real university in Nigeria. This is important as many new students find it hard to cope with the university environment after secondary school where everything is organized for the student.

Other reasons why JUPEB is the way to go include:

It is recognized by the National Universities Commission (NUC) as a program leading to an advanced level certification in the chosen subjects.
Successful candidates gain admission to the university via Direct Entry. That means they get into 200 level, skipping the first year of university since the JUPEB program is equivalent to the first year of university.
The JUPEB ‘A’ level result is recognized around the world as a valid ‘A’ Level certification.

Unlike JAMB, successful JUPEB candidates don’t have to repeat the examination. It is a lifetime certificate that would always remain valid to be used at any time in the future.

How to use the JUPEB Result to gain admission

The JUPEB can be used to gain admission into the 200 level in any approved Nigerian University. A candidate wishing to use this result for her admission into the University must follow these steps:

1. Visit the nearest JAMB office to get the Direct Entry (DE) form. Alternatively, you can visit the JAMB website and click on the DE link to get to the required portal.

2. Fill the form on the website or the hardcopy you bought from the JAMB office. Make sure the details you provided match your IJMB result.

3. In the form, you have the option of choosing your preferred university (first option) and an alternate choice (second option). You are allowed to make up to six choices. The course you chose would be directly related to how well you perform in the JUPEB examination. That is why it is important to choose a quality study center. A good JUPEB study center combined with hard work and diligent study would surely guarantee your JUPEB result would get you any course you desire.

It is very clear that it is not every one of the over 1.9 million candidates that sat for the yearly JAMB UTME scored above 200 marks. It is also not all the students who scored above 200 that will be admitted by the various universities for different reasons. It is also not everyone that will pass the POST JAMB that would be offered admission by the various Universities (both Federal, state, and Privates). For some highly competitive courses such as Engineering, Law, Medicine & Surgery, Mass Communication, about 240 marks in the UTME is required to at least stand a chance at all. Do you have at least 240 marks? If not, apply for IJMB or JUPEB A/LEVEL program.

Do you want to do a change of course because your UTME result is not good enough to study the course you filled in your JAMB form? The universities will first consider those who have chosen that same course as their first or second choice before they will even consider those who may do a change of course. Don’t hope against hope. Don’t put your future in jeopardy. Apply for the IJMB or JUPEB A/LEVEL Program immediately.

There are some people who may not even make it to the Universities because they do not have credit pass in either or both O/level English language and Mathematics or some other O’ level subjects, which automatically prevent them from gaining admission to universities, even, if they did very well in the JAMB UTME. We do admit those students in this category as they would have opportunity to re-sit their O/Level subjects before the end of their IJMB or JUPEB programs in our O’Level guaranteed center. All these groups need not despair. All hope is not yet lost. They have the opportunity to apply HERE for their Advanced Level (A/L) IJMB or JUPEB program.

IJMB and JUPEB A/Level programs are the same as being at 100 level in the various universities. The syllabuses of both IJMB and JUPEB A/Level programs are the same as those of 100 levels in the various universities. Candidates who are admitted for the IJMB or JUPEB A/LEVEL program this year will be admitted to the university of their choice at 200 level by next year September or October, depending on the University of your choice. Admission into 200 level in the university of your choice after the completion of your A/Level program is through DIRECT ENTRY and does not require you sitting for JAMB UTME. Then, you/they would have lost nothing as you/they will be at the same 200 level by next year September or October with your/their friends and colleagues who will enter university this year through JAMB UTME.


For example:

1. Your Pre-degree result can only be used in that same university where you did the program and NOT tenable in other universities. If you are not admitted by that university, then, it is a waste of effort, time, and resources, WHEREAS, you can use your A/LEVEL result to gain admission into any university of your choice.

2. Also, if you succeed in the Pre Degree program, you will still have to take JAMB again, if you pass, its result admits you into 100 level, BUT A/LEVEL result admits you into 200 level and you don’t need JAMB.

3. The result of the Pre Degree is valid for that same academic session. If you don’t gain admission in September or October of that same year, then, it expires and can not be used again. WHEREAS, the result of your A/LEVEL program has no expiry date.

We have hostels accommodation for our students who do come from different parts of Nigeria and beyond, probably. We also allow installment payments of fees.


Officially, JUPEB is a 9 months program. Lectures start between JULY and SEPTEMBER and run through to the whole year. The exams proper start sometime in JUNE or the first week of JULY the following year. It is a three weeks exam with the results expected to be released by the end of AUGUST. At JUPEB, candidates are encouraged to enroll at the center early as we believe getting excellent results are directly linked to early preparation. For that reason, registration starts in JUNE and ends in FEBRUARY of the following year. Lectures are scheduled to start between JUNE and SEPTEMBER. So it’s best to get the registration sorted out early so we can all get down to preparing for the examination without distractions.


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